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Proofreading For Scientific Papers

Proofreading Support

*What does it include?

The written article should be sent for an international journal (SCI, SCI-Expanded, SSCI and AHCI indexed journals).


*What is the condition for the support?

The article is checked by the authors and it is accepted for the publication.


*Who can apply for the support?

The academicians of the university can apply for proofreading support.


*What is the amount of support?

The support is 50 % of proofreading expense. An academician can apply to this support for once in a year.


*What is required for application?

1- Documents including proofreading expenses and the payment.

2- The document of acceptance for the article.

3- The document which shows that the article has been published.


*Where should application be made?

A file including application documents should be delivered to the Scientific Research and Projects Unit.