*What does it include?

It includes poster presentations accepted for congress /symposiums / conferences at home or abroad.


*What is the condition for the support?

An acceptance / invitation letter for poster presentation has to be gained.


*What is the amount of support?

There is no limitation.


*What is the size of the poster?

Maximum width of the poster can be 120 cm. In other words, posters can be printed 50x70 or 70x100 and 120x150.


*How should it be prepared?

The poster should be prepared in the size of printing. You should not ask for maximizing after preparing in a small size. In this case, resolution changes and the printing cannot result in a successful way. In PowerPoint program paper size can be determined and it can be saved as PDF.  


*What is required for application?

1- Acceptance / invitation letter for poster presentation

2- CD including PDF version of poster


*When should it be delivered?

CD should be delivered 15 days ago.


*Where should application be made?

A file including an acceptance / invitation letter and the CD should be delivered to the Scientific Research and Projects Unit for the application.